A Whistle-Stop Tour Of My Fav Vegas Bits…

The Fabulous Las Vegas … where do I start?!

What an amazing place they call an adults Disney Land… 24 hours of fun, where you’ve got the inventive hotels, the amazing night/day clubs, the malls where you can shop until you drop, and not forgetting the selection of restaurants you can have whatever food you so desire.

The main Las Vegas Strip, although it looks small, you could actually wonder up and down all day walking in and out of hotels and viewing the incredible designs including my fav, the New York New York and it’s roller coaster that goes around the whole outside of the hotel, it’s mini Empire state building, Brooklyn Bridge and Statue of Liberty, and for all the chocolate lovers (like me!) they have a huge Reeses shop!

One of my favourite hotels is the Cosmo… it is just beautiful inside and out. It has a huge chandelier inside and also for all the shoe lovers out there, it has a huge Louboutin Heel which is big enough you can sit in a get a picture!

But my favourite hotel of them all has to be the Bellagio … Just wow! It is out of this world and the fountain displays are just amazing. Check out this pic of the fountains at night…


Ceasers Palace is a must go, it’s just fab and home to many designer shops and one of my favourite American restaurants: the Cheesecake Factory… another must when visiting. I also love the shopping in Planet Hollywood, where you will find the likes of Bath and Body Works, Sephora, GNC, American Apparel etc.

Another amazing place to shop and get some huge bargains is the outlets. They have two lots: the North and the South Outlets, and from my own experience they are both amazing… but if I had to choose, the south outlets had more to offer for me personally.

When looking for somewhere to eat for lunch or in the evening, my favourite suggestion would have to be Mon Ami Gabi. It is situated at the bottom of the Paris hotel (which is another beautifully made hotel by the way) and its also opposite the Bellagio fountains. I would suggest that if you do choose to go there, that you wait and get a seat outside on the terrace. Here you can sit, eat amazing French cuisine and watch the world go by… but most of all you’ll have a front row seat when the Bellagio fountains go off. That has to be one of my favourite memories of my times in Vegas, sat eating steak, drinking Hendrix with my partner and watching the beautiful Bellagio Fountain Displays.

All in all I would say everyone should visit Las Vegas once in his or her life, there is just something for everyone. The shopping, the extravagant shows, the food, the sights and the hotels… it is all just great and there are so many memories to be made there!

So what did you think of my first post guys? If you liked it, drop me a comment and keep your eyes peeled for my next post which will be about one of my favourite activities to do when I’m in Vegas… A helicopter ride round the Grand Canyon!

See you then 😀 xox

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