Grand Canyon Helicopter Trip

One of my favourite memories of Las Vegas and especially of the trip I took there last year, was our helicopter trip to the Grand Canyon. It has to be one of my favourite days ever and I want to do it all over again every time I go!

We decided to go with Sun Dance Helicopters of whom I highly recommend, from beginning to end they created a magical, informative but fun experience. Its connected to the Las Vegas airport and located at the end of the strip quite near to the famous Las Vegas sign… we actually walked down to the sign afterwards which is a must on anyones first trip to Vegas! So doing this helps to kill 2 birds with one stone. Those who are after some luxury can actually get a limo pick up from their hotel, an option which Sun Dance do provide.

The experience started with us checking in for the flight and getting welcomed on board by the pilot, we then soon took off and the first views were of the Las Vegas strip and what a view that is! We started going over the rest of Vegas seeing the huge amount of homes it holds. Soon after we continued over the desert we could see horses galloping the odd car on there way to see the Grand Canyon themselves, whilst our pilot informed us all about Las Vegas, its history, how it became ‘The Famous Las Vegas’ also about the Grand Canyon and its surroundings and the famous Hoover Dam, we learnt so much!

Seeing the Hoover Dam was absolutely incredible, it’s so beautiful and such a clever design, and of course Las Vegas wouldn’t exist without this and the water/electricity it supplies. After a 40 minute ride we started to embark onto the canyons themselves, and what a view that was, just magnificent, such a natural beauty. I was speechless as we continued into the Grand Canyon itself, the view was out of the world, so magical, so much to see, I couldn’t wait to get off the helicopter and explore. We landed onto one side of the Canyon, explored, looked at the wonderful views and had a lovely champagne breakfast in what I can only describe as possibly the best location I could dream for.

Once we got back onto the helicopter our pilot carried on educating us on all that we could see. When we got back to Las Vegas itself he carried on the tour by taking us up and then back down the Las Vegas Strip, which wasn’t part of the tour but he took us anyway. It was fantastic and made you realise how even though the Strip can seem never ending its actually quite small in the grand scheme of things.

This tour is something I would suggest anyone who visits Las Vegas to do, don’t let the price put you off as it really is one of the best experiences I have ever had and I’m itching to go back and do it again. I think its something that could never get boring.

Catch you in the next post! xox

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