My Perfect Day In Vegas…

So I’ve told you all about the sort of things I like to do when in Las Vegas, but I thought I would now tell you what my ideal day would be from start to finish…

I usually stay at the Tropicana Hotel, which is situated right next to the MGM and near the end of the strip. It’s pretty handy as it’s on the strip so everything is quite easy to access. It also has a fabulous pool area so on a day where I just want to chill in the summer season I will just soak up some sun and have a swim.

Due to the ‘Jet lag’ and 8 hour time difference in Vegas I do tend to be up really early no matter what time I go to sleep, however I use this to my own advantage and tend to go for an early walk and soak up the atmosphere of the strip. I will often go and see the ‘Welcome to the Fabulous Las Vegas’ sign and grab a coffee from the nearest Starbucks.

I then tend to use the hotel gym and fit in a quick session before I go for breakfast, either at the hotel buffet or take advantage of one of the amazing buffets in the other hotels on the strip, my favourite has to be the ‘Wicked Spoon’ in the Cosmopolitan, although not the cheapest it has such a wide variety of tasty foods and also you can pay extra for bottomless mimosas.

After a large brunch I tend to try and walk it off with a spot of shopping in the Planet Hollywood mall which is just opposite. My favourite shop has to be Sephora, where I buy all my makeup and beauty must haves. Bath and Body works is also another favourite I love the Mahogany Teakwood candles they do, it smells of Abercrombie and Fitch, they also do great gifts. I always pop in Victoria Secrets; I love their fitness range. GNC is great to get my protein bars etc. If I have more time I will venture over to the Outlets, South or North – they are both good but I tend to go to the South as they have more of the shops I like to go in like Calvin Klein, Pandora etc. You can get yourself some incredible bargains, I personally think they are the best outlets I’ve been to in the states!

After a big spend (and a telling off from my financial adviser boyfriend for spending too much) I tend to either take all my shopping back to the hotel or carry on to Caesars palace and treat myself to a yummy gelato or take advantage of the free tasters, the chocolate brownie has to be my favourite. The best and most cost effective way to get around the Las Vegas Strip and to the outlets etc is to use the ‘Deuce’ bus its around $18 for 3 days of use and you can hop on hop off which is fab, it also comes often and stops at most of the hotels.

Caesars Palace Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada.

In the evening I will normally go for a nice meal at my favourite restaurant Mon Ami Gabi located at the bottom of the Paris Hotel. Its French cuisine and I normally have the steak. As I mentioned in a previous post, the best part about eating at this restaurant is if you manage to get a seat sitting outside (which is well worth the wait) you can sit and watch the fabulous Bellagio fountains. Another restaurant good for quick yummy food is The Cheesecake Factory in Caesars Palace, it’s so good and they have a ‘Skinny’ menu as well (perfect for the fitness freaks like myself!), the menu is so big there is something for everyone.

After eating out I will either go out for cocktails, to a nightclub or go and watch a show. In the summer season they have pool parties on all the time and I definitely suggest that you go to one. My favourite is ‘XS Night Swim’ – it’s a pool party at night and it has got to be on the best nights I have ever experienced. There is so much going on, you can go to dance floor or there is a huge bar area or can be adventurous and jump in the pool with all the inflatables. Las Vegas is famous for its shows; there is something for everyone. Cirque du Soleil is extremely popular; they have magic shows, famous singers including Britney, J-LO etc. Another thing to do of an evening is the helicopter tour of the Strip; it’s a great experience. You can see all the buildings lit up, it’s a fabulous view, and there is so much to see.

What would be your perfect day in Vegas?

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